I grew up sixty miles from the Canadian border in upstate New York.  There I spent as much time as possible outdoors; hunting, fishing and skiing.  Education brought me to the south and the people (especially my wonderful fiancée Ashley) and southern family values have kept me here.  After graduating from the School of Agriculture at Auburn University, I interned on Randle Farms under the guidance of Mr. Frank Randle.  There I began my education as farmer and shepherd.   I spent the year assisting the Randle family with their large flock of sheep, raising chickens and learning the basics of farming.  In April, 2015, we struck out on our own and relocated to Lewisburg, Tennessee where we have branched out into woodland raised pork.    


Bouncing Boykin

I am a five year old Boykin Spaniel and I truly fulfill my role as man’s best friend.  In addition to supervising farm work, I patrol the farm perimeter ensuring no one disrupt the hogs’ afternoon nap.   I hope to make your acquaintance around the farm.