Our philosophy is to work with nature, not against it.

We focus on heritage breeds that have developed naturally in response to their environment.  The breeds we have selected for our farm are chosen to compliment the conditions of our land.  Our hogs are American Guinea Hogs.  A small breed that loves pasture and woodland forage and their size minimizes their impact on the land.  There are two different breed of sheep on the farm, Icelandic and Dorset X.  Icelandic sheep are medium size animals that graze widely and can be sustained purely on pasture.   Our DorsetX sheep are from Randle Farms in Alabama and bring with them 30 years of selective breeding for meat quality and parasite resistance. 

We select breed stock from the most reputable breeders that focus on remaining true to the breeds intended characteristics and we invest in genetic diversity which is important when sourcing these less known breeds.

Our farm practices benefit the animal and the farmer.

Once on the farm the animals live in large paddocks that are moved at least once a week continually placing the animals on new pasture or fresh woodland plots.  Free access to water, shelter and shade are always available.  We personally interact with the animals daily; this conditions the animals for better farm manners and makes pasture moves less stressful for the animal and the farmer.

Animals are bred on the farm with the goal of increasing our herds, providing breed stock for sale and harvesting animals for market.  When animals are harvested they are processed at a USDA inspected facility which is certified in humane handling procedures.

We believe following these practices result in:  animals living in a low stress and natural environment, hogs and sheep that are better muscled from their movement around the pasture and meat that is higher in Omega 3 due to the natural forage.  When our animals leave the pasture it too has been improved by their passing presence.  Lastly, the farmer is proud that he has done his part to raise healthy animals that lived a life consistent with nature’s intent.

Animals on Pasture

Animals on Pasture